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BC Transit Route 99 Pemberton Whistler

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                                 Greyhound Canada provides daily bus service connecting Pemberton with Vancouver, via Squamish & Whistler. Bus terminus: pick-up/drop-off in Pemberton at the Greyhound-Depot, Husky Gas Station / Pioneer Junction Convenience Store, on Hwy99

across from Pemberton Gateway Village Suites Hotel. $10.50 > $13. [₍̅.̅₎₍̅.̅₎▀▀▀▀₍̅₎▀]

                                           Whistler Transit / WAVE Route 99 Bus drops off & pick ups at Pemberton Gateway Village Suites: Northbound Portage Rd. Stop #102834 (from Whistler)  & across the street at the Petro Can Petrol / Gas Station Southbound Portage NS Arbutus Stop #102833 ( to Whistler).[₍̅.̅₎₍̅.̅₎▀▀▀▀₍̅.̅₎▀]


BC Transit - Route 99: Pemberton Commuter

Direction - To Pemberton To Whistler

Gondola Transit Exchange|| Meadow Park Sports Centre|| Pemberton Hotel
Wave 6:20 AM ------------------------------------------------|| 6:57 AM >> Back to Whistler
Wave 7:40 AM---- --------------------------------------------||  8:17 AM>>Back to Whistler
Wave 4:45 PM -------------|| 4:51 PM ----------------------||  5:22 PM>>Back to Whistler
Wave 6:05 PM -------------|| 6:11 PM ----------------------||  6:42 PM>>Back to Whistler

bctransit.com/pemberton-valley/schedules-and-maps/route-overview?route=99          ||


                                          Route 100: PembertonThe Pemberton Valley Transit System / WAVE contracts to Pemberton Taxi to run a shuttle mini-bus Valley Commuter Service between Pemberton & the nearby 1st Nations (Native / "Indian") townsites of Mount Currie Old Site, & Mount Currie New Site / Xit'olacw, that meets up with Whistler Greyhound & WAVE Buses. Stops at aforementioned bus stops. Be sure ask for transfer from or to WAVE / Transit Buses. There are 7 trips a day.  The fare is $1.50 each way.

Or free with transfer to & from Whistler / Pemberton on public transit. [₍̅.̅₎₍̅.̅₎▀▀▀▀₍̅.̅₎▀]

       🚗  Taxi:  🚗

​                        🚗  Pemberton Taxi mini-bus may be chartered also. (604) 894 1111  🚗 
​                           🚗  Blackcomb Taxi & Limosine  (604) 932-8294  🚗  Sea To Sky Taxi Ltd  (604) 932-3333  🚗

                               🚗  Whistler Resort Cabs   (604) 938-1515   🚗   Whistler Taxi Ltd   (604) 938-3333   🚗 

​​From ✈️️ YVR ✈️️:   [₍̅₎₍̅₎▀▀▀▀₍̅₎▀]

Option 1) Take Sky Lynx Bus from YVR / Vancouver Airport to Whistler, then Greyhound ( $ 13), Public transit: WAVE/ Pemberton Commuter #99 ($4.50), or taxi ( ~ $60) to Pemberton. 
Option 2): Take The Train; the  Canada Line from YVR to Downtown Vancouver Transfer at  Downtown "Vancouver City Centre" Station walk across to "Granville"  Skytrain Station,  get off at "Main Street Station", then take  Greyhound from Vancouver right to Pemberton via Whistler.
Get off on th Husky Gas Station  ⛽  
in Pemberton.
FYI we're right across the highway from them. You can see us from there. We're in the building with the Red ClockTower [🕓]
 Take the elevator in the clock tower up to the 2nd floor. Office is at the end of the hall,  # 211. Tip: Have Greyhound at the Husky call our hotel manager, if travelling without cellphone / mobile when you arrive; Manager will meet you at office 😊 

PGVS Hotel & Staff are not responsible for accuracy or changes of posted material.
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Whistler &  ​Pemberton 

​        Buses  & Taxis

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